What is our market place

Snatchit.shop enables customers to browse and shop any retailer connected to the platform with the convenience of one checkout for all products.

Retailers who are connected to the platform have a “shop front” that is featured on the Snatchit.shop home feed.

When opened the shop front displays a live feed of retailers products, a gallery of content the retailer has created and an “Influence & Earn” section. Customers browse, shop and can commissions on offer to endorse or create content for those products.

Customers and influencers are given their own profile and begin to add products they have purchased or wish to endorse. They can create content, attaching products and generate their own landing pages with unique links.

Customers share their profile link or content links to their friends, social media or any text service.

Sales can transact inside these landing pages made by the customers and earn commissions.

How does it work with my existing website

Snatchit.shop connects via an API to your existing website. This enables us to display your product catalogue and stock quantities as represented on your website in the Snatchit.shop platform.

When a sale occurs from Snatchit.shop, your inventory is automatically deducted and the order information sent to your existing dashboard,

How is shipping calculated?

When setting up your store you will need to select a local shipping cost and an international shipping cost. As products will be sold on the platform alongside other brands, the shipping is current added to products individually.

How does the influencer feature work?

The retailer sets a commission and activates Product sharing. This now enables customers to see the commission on offer when viewing a product in Snatchit.shop app.

Customers are prompted to add products to their profile and create landing pages with their own content.

A customer's profile is their own shop they can use to share products endorsed to friends or followers via unique links.

Any sale that occurs from here earns commission from the products being sold.

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